Being fully licensed and qualified, along with providing comprehensive tenant screening and being on call 24hr a day, our company offers two types of service packages:

    — included in this package is

      A rent evaluation, advertising, screening ad calls, showing the property, taking applications from potential tenants, collecting security deposits, executing all contracts on the landlords behalf (eg. lease/rental agreements, form D's), setting up payment schedules, providing contact numbers etc., and a thorough move in inspection report with the tenant. We provide a statement of any expense for tax purposes.


      1/2 of the first months rent, including GST

    — included in this package is

      The same service as above if needed at onset of contract. Provision of monthly statements of income and expenses along with payments of funds. Serving all notices of rent increase etc. Evaluating damage deposit refund through a thorough inspection when the tenant vacates. Looking after maintenance that might need to be done on behalf of the landlord, and payment of any bills incurred out of rent proceeds.


      10% of the monthly rent plus GST.

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